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I. Objective:
Create Excellent National Brand
Make Centenary Business
II. Business Concept:
Humane Care, Added Value, Passionate Creation, Technological Breakthrough
III. Tenet:
Create value for customers;
Create wealth for the society;
Create employment for employees.
IV. Spirit:
Collective efforts to create value;
Loyal dedication with enthusiasm;
Unselfish devotion with perseverance.
V. Brand Concept:
Fair & Credible, Efficient & Safe, Warm & Considerate, First-Class Service
VI. Corporate Style:
Loyalty, Pragmatism, Dedication, Initiative
VII. Business Concept: Make All Friends, Build a Centenary Enterprise
Make All Friends.Friends mentioned here refers to our clients, customers, partners, industry associations, governments and other types of associations, even our peer companies who are care and support our development. Road full of Friends love and help will be wider and wider and the business will be bigger and stronger.
Build a Centenary Enterprise.Centenary Enterprise mentioned here refers to a lasting and stable business.
VIII. Employment Principle:
People with both talent and virtue can be exceptionally promoted; people with virtue with no talent can be trained for use; people with talent with no virtue should be restricted for use; people with neither talent nor virtue should never be used.
Retain the talents by career, by emotion and by benefit.

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